Horizon Home Services

Reputation Management / Yelp Advertising

As a $500 Million home services conglomerate in 6 states with over 900 employees, Horizon Home Services is a fast-growing home services company with 20+ locations spanning the nation’s great northeast. VYRL is a key component to their online success, utilizing Yelp optimization, advertising, and DM alerts and responses, we have been able to maximize their online opportunity, and in return convert more leads.

  • 15.9X ROI on Digital Spend Month-Over-Month

  • Top 3 Qualified Lead Driver for the Organization

  • One-Full-Rating-Point Improvement on Major Reputation Platform

Testimonial - "VYRL has been a tremendous help for our company when it comes to leveraging Yelp as a lead provider and positioning Horizon Services for success. VYRL is always quick to respond and is very proactive with their thinking. I would highly recommend using VYRL for anything related to Yelp!"

Lyle Wedell - Marketing Communications Manager