Beginning on August 19th Facebook is changing the appearance of how ads appear on mobile devices. In an attempt to do some housekeeping Facebook is in the process of creating a more consistent mobile experience. The aspect ratio will be changing from 2:3 to 4:5, meaning ads will now take up less space. Along with shorting the images, Facebook is also reducing the original 7 lines of text to 3 lines of text before prompting the user to “see more”. Videos will also need to be adjusted to the new formatting or expect to be masked. They are trying to make ads more of “skimmable imagery” forcing companies to focus on images that can get their message across quicker. Marketing experts are saying that this change is focused on the idea that if an ad is going to interrupt a user’s primary purpose on a platform, they need to be concise and adaptable. As Marketing Land iterates, marketers need to capitalize on this change and transform the way they are thinking about their advertisements. They need to focus on the long run and develop more messages that are succinct and targeted to cut through the noise.